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Web Design and Photography - Langley, BC


Westcoast Web Design and Photography has been built by a strong commitment to quality, dependability, and customer service.

Located in Langley, B C, we have been part of the community for over 20 years. Designing websites, slideshows, and logo's for local organizations and businesses throughout B.C. and Canada, we take pride in communicating your vision over the internet. From a variety of fields such as construction, finance, and retail, we are very diverse in our ability to design exactly what you have in mind.

The key to being on the web today, is to have a website that says something about you and your company. We take pride in customizing a website design that reflects that character.

Skilled in the latest technologies we deliver superb graphics and ease of navigation to create an effective presence on the web. Professional Photography, Graphic Design artists and experience in the business community are just some of the extra's you receive when we design your site.

"I would like to personally thank all of my clients for their continued support and loyalty. I value the friendships we've made and I wish you continued success. As we go forward I will continue to work efficiently to make sure your website is producing the maximum results for you in today's marketplace."
Karen Reynolds - Owner

We would love to hear about your ideas. Contact Us today at (604) 305-2967.